A look into Tofu - A starter theme for Drupal 8

Posted on August 12, 2017

Tofu is a Drupal 8 starter theme designed to keep things simple while providing template suggestion files and useful preprocess functions for your project. This is a theme that is not meant to use as a parent theme, however, feel free to remove or add components to fit your needs.

Checkout the repo here.


  1. Setup the location for your new starter-theme (eg. /themes).
  2. Find and replace the word “Tofu” with the desired name of your new starter theme.
  3. Setup the basic information for your starter-theme.
  4. Edit your tofu.theme file to use the proper function names.
  5. Gulp is required to manage assets.
  6. First, you will need to install NodeJS.
  7. Install gulp with npm install -g gulp from the command line. On some setups, sudo may be required.
  8. Run npm install in your theme directory.
  9. Run gulp to compiled and watch your JS/CSS changes.
  10. Set your website’s default theme.
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