Creative developer/designer, founder, and garden enthusiast based outside of Philadelphia.

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I'm Putra, a Developer and Design Technologist with expertise in Technical Project Management, based in the South Jersey/Philadelphia, PA area. I'm also the co-founder of Off Red, where we design and develop apps to satisfy our own curiosities and love for reality shows.

In my role as a Design Technologist Lead, I excel in bridging the gap between design and engineering, overseeing projects from initial prototypes to production. Leveraging my dual role as an engineer and technical project manager, I efficiently create and manage design system libraries, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including UX Designers, Backend Engineers, and Product Owners. I’m passionate about leveraging my skills to elevate digital projects to their full potential.

When I'm not immersed in code, I indulge my love for gardening, sharing my passion on Instagram and TikTok (@goodpathgarden). In addition, my competitive spirit shines as I co-founded and manage a fantasy league app dedicated to the hit reality show Big Brother alongside my husband John, aptly named FantasyBB.

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